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Streamlined Compliance and Cost Savings: Unleash the Full Potential of Your IBM Licences with Coliance's Managed ILMT Service

In the dynamic landscape of modern business with its diverse product portfolio, keeping track of IBM software usage can be overwhelming. Navigating the complexities of software licences, especially IBM’s specific licencing metrics and requirements, adds further challenges. Our previous blog IBM Licence Metric tool – Are you compliant? we covered the intricate world of IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT) and shed light on compliance challenges with IBM licences. We also provided insights into the significance of Certificates and Keys in IBM B2Bi, demystifying terms like SFTP, HTTPS, and Sterling Connect Direct (C:D) for establishing secure communication protocols. Now, armed with a clear understanding of IBM’s stringent licencing requirements and communication protocols using certificates and keys, you might wonder about the next steps or seek clarity on the best way forward.

To assist you in overcoming these challenges, we offer Coliance’s managed ILMT service. Our expertise and support allow you to maintain control over your licences while focusing on core business activities. Leveraging this service ensures compliance with IBM’s licencing requirements and effectively mitigates the risks and costs associated with non-compliance.

Let’s dive into the world of IBM Licence Metric Tool and discover how Coliance can help you stay on top of your licences effortlessly: 

Recognising the Importance of Licence Management:

Effective licence management plays a critical role in ensuring compliance, cost optimisation, and streamlined software usage.

As businesses vary in size and complexity, our managed ILMT service is designed to be highly scalable, catering precisely to the specific needs of both small enterprises and large corporations. With flexibility and customisation options, we seamlessly accommodate unique business requirements, delivering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. 

Meeting IBM's Licence Compliance Requirements:

IBM has specific requirements for licence compliance. 

Coliance’s ILMT service will ensure that you meet these specific requirements. We take care of the setup and configuration of ILMT agents and ILMT in alignment with IBM’s guidelines. With vigilant monitoring and management of consistent data delivery, we guarantee accurate licencing results, helping your organisation remain fully compliant and avoid potential penalties and financial risks. 

Streamlining Documentation for Effortless Audits:

Efficient licence management involves proper documentation.

Coliance’s ILMT service is designed to assist you in this area. We help you organise and centralise licence-related documents, including contracts, entitlements, and proofs of purchase. Additionally, we provide automated delivery of quarterly audit reports, enabling you to simplify audits and maintain transparency in your licence management processes. 

Capitalising on Sub-Capacity Licence Discounts:

Valuable insights into IBM software deployments can capitalise on sub-capacity licence discounts. 

By leveraging our support, businesses gain valuable insights into their IBM software deployments and can capitalise on sub-capacity licence discounts. This can unlock significant cost savings opportunities for your organisation. Our team of experts is here to guide you, allowing you to focus on core business activities while maintaining control over your licences and ensuring compliance with IBM’s licencing requirements. 

Expert Support and Guidance:

Navigating licence management complexities can be overwhelming.

Our ILMT service is equipped to provide expert support and guidance throughout the process. Our team of professionals is ready to address your questions, provide technical assistance, and ensure a smooth experience. You can rely on our expertise to help you stay in control of your IBM licences with a dedicated support team.

With Coliance’s ILMT Managed Services infrastructure, reporting your IBM PVU software becomes effortless, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of incorrect reporting.

Our step-by-step process ensures you are well-prepared for any IBM audit, providing peace of mind and confidence in your compliance status. By utilising our expertise in ILMT management, we ensure your software usage aligns with your Passport Advantage entitlements. We kick-start our services with a comprehensive health check to assess your licence requirements accurately.

With Coliance’s Agora ILMT Cloud Managed Services, you can save thousands of pounds while safeguarding your business from the financial risks associated with non-compliance.

Are you ready to take control of your IBM licences and unlock significant cost savings for your organisation? Partner with Coliance’s ILMT Cloud Managed Services today and embark on a compliance journey that streamlines your licence management effortlessly. Reach out to our team now and discover how we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique business needs. 

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