Ensure maximum performance

Connect data from applications such as Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft and many others, regardless of where they are in your environment, be it on premise, single or shared cloud tenancy.

Establish consistent and secure API deployments

Our team support engagements across the IBM middleware and hybrid cloud stack including IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE formally IIB/Message Broker), MQ, API Connect and DataPower. This includes the implementation of the IBM’s latest Cloud PAKs.

Easily apply AI to your integration

Leveraging our team’s extensive integration expertise and partnerships. We deliver integration and connectivity solutions to provide access to data, applications, and information—regardless of platform, device, data formats or deployment model.

Intelligent mapping functions

Intelligent mapping functions enable you to transform data in transit and make it ready for alignment in the destination application. Coliance using IBM technology also supports batch, bulk and real-time synchronization giving you the flexibility to deliver information where you need it.

Deliver seamless customer and partner experiences

Support for a wide range of integration styles from SOA to modern event, API, and micro-service architectures

Multiple deployment options which allow you to deploy in any cloud or on premise system

Easily apply AI to your integration to create intelligent solutions for your business

User centric tooling providing a synergy between digital business and the back- end systems of record

Access to hundreds of secure pre-built connectors

Build and manage APIs through trusted API management solutions

Coliance manages the complexity of connecting applications and transforming data giving you a simple way to build and manage APIs through IBM's Cloud Paks for Integration. Maximize your investments by being able to integrate both your legacy and modern applications without worrying about architectures. With smart connectors you can capture events even if they are not designed on event driven architectures. Using our situational tooling, you can empower your development with the context to apply data, to rapidly build and change integrations as your needs shift.

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Coliance and its partners offers clients a flexible approach to deploying their integration workloads. Our systems enable organisations to access data faster, effectively bringing down latency issues related to performance and cost.