Retail, wholesale and/or digital trading

At Coliance we have been working for 18 years to ensure our customers have best in breed solutions that handle requirements of retail, wholesale and/or Digital trading. We cater for file, electronic an/or real-time payment.

Safe & Secure

We provide secure file transfer and transaction visibility to one of the UK largest payment access points. ​

Real Time Messaging

A disruptive credit card provider called upon Coliance to help them with their case management and real time messaging requirements ​

Expert Service

We service leading share registration company turned to Coliance when they wanted to visualise, manage, secure and prioritise their most valuable customer transactions​​

We continue to provide best in breed solutions and services to the financial services industry to help protect reputations and increase customer approval ratings.

Help improve customer approval ratings by improving visibility of transactions.

Providing best in
breed solutions

Warning and self-correcting when issues arise

Simplifying your IT estate to provide incremental margin gains

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