Gartner: Three Prevaccine Scenarios For Supply Chain Leaders

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Gartner: Three Prevaccine Scenarios For Supply Chain Leaders

May 15, 2020 · Jack Grimshaw ·

Gartner, Inc. has developed three prevaccine scenarios to help chief supply chain officers and other leaders of supply chains and logistics networks anticipate how the future may unfold. 

“As inventory buffers start to deplete and demands shift, there is even more disruption coming our way,” said Sarah Watt, senior director analyst with the Gartner Supply Chain Practice. “While this crisis requires a fair amount of crucial day-to-day decision-making, CSCOs must start planning for a recovery and make preemptive decisions to set their organization up for success.”

Using the research compiled by Gartner, supply chain leaders can effectively predict how disruptions, like the coronavirus, will unfold, and will enable the ability to identify both risks and opportunities. CSCOs can use the data to demand investments in resiliency and agility in the supply chain.

The three scenarios

Scenario 1 – Short-term disruption

This scenario accounts for significant disruption from the coronavirus, but only in the short team, with it being dealt with quickly. Restrictions will be lifted and customer confidence increased. “This is a best-case scenario. However, supply chain leaders shouldn’t expect an imminent return to business as usual. Supply chain organizations will not be the same after COVID-19, they will enter a ‘new normal’,” Ms. Watt said.

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