SAP S/4HANA Upgrade

Will SAP cause agony as they announce new maintenance support?

Over the years, SAP has evolved its offerings & designed applications that have now become the core of many business functions within organisations, be it financials, logistics or human resources. Many of these organisations built their downstream B2B & B2C systems with core SAP systems & applications as their base. Any changes to them will impact these downstream systems.

Based on our experience we have seen our customers face several obstacles integrating SAP systems with these downstream systems & partners. This primarily comes in the form of the changes and testing required to the downstream solution(s) – such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Transport, Warehouse or Order Management Systems, among others.

Recently, SAP announced the timelines for ceasing the maintenance support of their existing core applications (SAP ERP & SAP R/3) and they are advocating their customers to move to the newer SAP S/4HANA. But what impact will this move have on their install base? How will it affect the B2B & B2C roadmap for these customers? What steps do the customers need to take next? How will this have an impact on their downstream B2B & B2C systems? What issues can they face & how will it impact their ecosystem?

We will answer these questions as a series of blogs. Do visit this page regularly for updates. 

Meanwhile, whether it is related to connectivity, upgrades, enhancement or simply time for some refresh training, give us a shout on to arrange a chat with our experts.

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