UK needs a plan to support food sector suppliers, say MPs

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UK needs a plan to support food sector suppliers, say MPs

August 3, 2020 · posted by Will Green

The closure of foodservice and hospitality businesses due to lockdown was a “huge shock for their food and drink suppliers” and the sector might take “over a year” to recover, according to MPs.

In a report the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee called for the UK government to draw up a plan to support suppliers “during this turbulent time”.

“The government should work with producers, processors and wholesalers to understand their concerns and monitor the health of food and drink suppliers, particularly SMEs, over the next 18 months as supply chains restart,” said the report.

MPs said the government and retailers failed to develop an effective joint communications plan in anticipation of the panic buying that took place after lockdown was imposed.

The report said it was “surprising and disappointing” that the government had not taken notice of empty shelves being reported in other countries and taken action…

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