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Our Brand

There’s a lot in a name and ours is special! Coliance is the sum of the words ‘collaboration and alliance’ = a collaborative alliance.

We believe it boldly communicates the highly collaborative way in which we conduct business and engage with our clients whilst embracing our core values.


Coliance is an IBM Gold Business Partner and reseller helping clients to move, transform and visualise their data.

We do this through providing expert Integration, Managed File Transfer, API and Order Management services as well as software assets such as the Lightwell visibility portal and OMS testing framework.

Since 2002, our experience and software assets, have been accelerating our clients’ projects and ensuring consistent and successful project delivery.

Our Culture

Our flexibility and welcoming environment creates a culture in which our team bring out the very best in each other. We have a vibrant culture that boasts creativity and innovation. It’s key that our team is equipped, inspired, supported and excited about what we do.

Because of this, they remain dedicated, motivated and pursue every opportunity. Every day we work through complex challenges, develop new visions and concepts, and solve problems. We do this together and, in the process, we also have a lot of fun and have shared good times, in and out the office.

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