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Interested in the IT techie world of containers? Episode 2 of the AiTalks with our very own, Marcus Langford, Managing Director as well as John Hawkins, Senior Consultant at Coliance and Dirk Maney, IBM World Wide Sales Leader, IBM Sterling.

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This month, Coliance is celebrating their 20th anniversary since formation.
Coliance’s main purpose from the outset was to bring together a wealth of expertise to solve File Transfer and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) problems for our supply chain and finance clients, particularly in the IBM Sterling brand. Read More..

How has the pandemic shifted the way organisations manage their supply chains?

The arrival of COVID-19 marked a poignant moment for companies all over the world. With the resulting mass lockdowns and tremendous shifts in consumer preferences, the pandemic quickly managed to exacerbate supply chain issues, bringing to light and magnifying an array of existing vulnerabilities that were previously going unnoticed. Read More..

This Month Coliance Is Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary Since Formation

“In our 20-year history, we have designed and developed a number of services and solutions that make our customer’s lives easier and more profitable” Read More..

Helping your IT department untangle the business spaghetti

Business Solutions are ultimately run-on specialised software that can streamline your business’s operations to achieve more visibility and productivity. Read More..

How to Harness the Trend of the Decade

Coined as the “trend of the decade,” Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investments are forecasted to soar beyond $30 trillion by the year 2030. Read More..

Gentran – Simple, Visible, but time to change?

With evolving market conditions accelerating the need for advanced EDI and B2B integration capabilities, we can’t help but ask: Read More..

How IBM improves integration of their supply chain partners (IBM Articles)

If carbon reduction is one of your Key Performance Indicators then the need to reduce emissions from your IT infrastructure should be highlighted on your Digital Transformation Agenda. Read More..



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