On Premise

Agora managed service can optimise your supply chain operations, reduce costs and provide the technology you need to accelerate your business growth.

The On Premise Agora solution is for clients who have already made a substantial investment in on-Premise Infrastructure, Operating systems and IBM Sterling B2Bi and/or MQ licenses and are happy with a capital expenditure model. Get all the benefits of our managed service team including our substantial portfolio of Connectors and API’s and advanced monitoring capabilities.

Agora can optimise supply chain operations helping reduce costs and build resilience, via an experienced Integration managed service team, providing assurance that key business milestones with your trading partners and customers can be rapidly achieved. 

Whether you want to trade with large partners and customers who are used to handling Electronic Data Interchange formats (EDI), File Transfers or API messages or smaller partners who want a web-form to input their Invoices and/or purchase orders onto, then we can handle it. 

Our services

Pre-built maps

Pre-defined Communicaitons

Data search

Get all the benefits of our managed service team

Coliance substantial portfolio of Connectors and API's and advanced monitoring capabilities.​

Gain access to experienced consultants for upgrade and digital change projects

PEPPOL modules available to enhance the experience with your customers (optional)

Advanced Analytics

Standardised Framework (optional)

Agora managed service gives you time back

Visualise and manage transactions

Reduce cost, avoid errors, manage operating costs, eliminate licensing fees

Simplify integration with your ERP, WMS, TMS and Order Management systems

Shorten trading cycles by establishing business partners links in hours not weeks

Delivered on secure IBM Sterling

Leveraging insights to action

Agora can search and provide visibility into B2B transaction lifecycles, so business users have the insights needed to make faster and more informed decisions. You set your Service Level Agreements (SLA) with us, we do the rest.

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