Fully integrate your supply chain process

Whether a small organisation, taking your first steps to process orders with new customers or a multi-national processing thousands of transactions per day, Agora will empower you with a true view of your business.

Supported and Secure

Agora allows you to share all the benefits of IBM world class technology, either in a safe secure cloud environment or on-premise. Our solutions enable you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve data accuracy.

Let internal resources focus on your business

Gain access to experienced consultants and focus on your core business. Agora comes with our pre-built connectors for EDI, File Transfer or API's that allow you to connect to your partners systems and services.

E-Invoicing when you
need it

In addition Agora offers options to improve the visibility of transactions across domains or providing e-invoices with Government or quasi government organisations to meet their PEPPOL requirements.

Get all the benefits of our managed service team

Coliance substantial portfolio of Connectors and API's and advanced monitoring capabilities.​

Gain access to experienced consultants for upgrade and digital change projects. 

PEPPOL and Visibility modules available to enhance the experience with your customers (optional)

Visualise and manage transactions

Reduce cost, avoid errors, manage operating costs, eliminate licensing fees

Simplify integration with your ERP, WMS, TMS and Order Management systems

Shorten trading cycles by establishing business partners links in hours not weeks

Delivered on secure IBM Sterling.

Available on premise or in the cloud

Agora Service Models

Agora managed service offers 3 consumption models which can optimise your supply chain operations, reduce costs and provide the technology you need to accelerate your business growth.

Compare Agora features designed to meet your B2B/B2G integration needs


For clients who have already made a substantial investment in On-Premise Infrastructure, Operating systems and IBM Sterling B2Bi and/or MQ licenses and are happy with a capital expenditure model.

  • IBM license cost
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Annual Subscription


Allows you to share all the benefits of IBM world class technology, in a safe secure multi tenant cloud. This reduces your overall cost of ownership, as you share the benefits amongst many of you, without any loss of performance or security.
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Shared Tenancy
  • Lower price point


For our high performance customers who want the advantages of a managed cloud solution and the benefits of an Operating Expenses based approach. Our service comes with the benefits of prebuilt connectors to your major operating solutions.
  • Single Tenancy
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Greater Flexibility

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