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E-Invoicing – a new global standard E-Invoicing has rapidly become the norm in many of the world’s major countries, from Asia to Africa and the Americas with most countries in the European Union mandating E-Invoicing for either B2G or B2B supplies. The number of countries who have only mandated B2G


Benefits of adopting E-Invoicing

Benefits of adopting E-Invoicing Mass adoption of e-Invoicing leads to significant economic benefits and increases business competitiveness. The benefits of replacing paper invoices with e-Invoices can be reached in two main steps. Replacing the physical paper form with a structured digital e form allows the invoice to be handled and


The legal background to E-invoicing

The legal background to E Invoicing Electronic Invoicing is on the agenda for governments, particularly in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. With austerity driven by the impact of paying for COVID-19 measures will be a driving factor and by implementing e-Invoicing, their public sector entities can achieve back-office


Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing Electronic invoicing is the exchange of an electronic invoice document between a supplier and a buyer. An electronic invoice (e-Invoice) is an invoice that has been issued, transmitted, and received in a structured data format which allows for its automatic and electronic processing. A structured electronic invoice contains

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