DORA Oversight Group Awareness 2nd Webinar

Discover the latest insights into the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), Regulation (EU) 2022/2554.

Effective January 17, 2025.

Discover the latest insights into the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), Regulation (EU) 2022/2554, effective from January 17, 2025. DORA marks a significant shift in risk management, establishing rigorous protocols for the protection, detection, and recovery from ICT-related incidents. It encompasses the entire financial sector, extending to third-party supporting firms, and harmonizes legislation for enhanced adaptability to ICT disruptions. Alongside NIS 2 (2023), DORA brings about stringent fines, enforcement policies, and mandatory security measures. It’s crucial for your business to bolster digital resilience by ensuring exceptional cybersecurity, adherence to regulations, and uninterrupted operations. This step is key to maintaining confidence and tranquility in a dynamic digital environment. Embracing DORA is not just compliance; it’s a strategic approach towards a resilient, future-proof business. The question is, are you prepared?

DORA Introduction Update

DORA The Legal Implications

Introductions and DORA Update

In the second webinar series on DORA regulations, led by Stuart Power, Integration Intelligence Director at Coliance, we focus on understanding and meeting the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requirements. The seminar, featuring a new DORA Oversight Group, will address key topics like legal implications, security testing, and financial market insights. Based on feedback from previous sessions, this session is designed to provide practical guidance and establish best practices for 2024’s regulatory challenges.

DORA: The Legal Implications

In this webinar session, we explored the legal complexities of the newly enacted DORA regulations. Simon Maharaj from D2 Legal Technology outlines a comprehensive roadmap of DORA, focusing on its five core pillars and their specific legal implications. He addresses the jurisdictional scope of DORA, providing insights into its practical application and broader industry impact. Key topics included discussions on third-party providers globally, extra-territorial jurisdictions, and clarifications on aspects explicitly covered or specified under DORA.


Stuart Power | Sales Manager


Simon Maharaj | Lawyer, Data Scientist, Resort Developer | D2 Legal Technology

Companies are not prepared for DORA security testing requirements

In this key session, Alexander Waldmann from Applause addresses the DORA Security Testing requirements, outlining the challenges and new methods needed for operational resilience and security. He discusses the risks of delayed adoption, including fines and cybersecurity damages, and outlines the steps for immediate action to avoid escalating issues. The session also covers the specifics of cybersecurity test requirements and appropriate checks, highlighting potential changes companies may need to make, including disassociating from non-compliant partners.


Alexabder Waldmann | Manager, International Solution Consulting | Applause

Market feedback & DORA steering group plans for 2024

In this webinar session, Steve Sullivan from Consolo offers a business perspective on the DORA regulations, distinct from the systems viewpoint. He discusses the business processes involved, providing insights from the markets and addressing emerging concerns. A key focus is on how businesses, especially financial institutions with diverse business units can achieve DORA compliance. These groups, each with their unique counterparts and operations, face the challenge of ensuring they can continue trading without delays once DORA is enforced.


Steve Sullivan | Director of Strategic Relationships

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