DORA Oversight Group Awareness Webinar

Discover the latest insights into the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), Regulation (EU) 2022/2554.

Effective January 17, 2025.

DORA transforms risk management by enforcing rules for protection, detection, and recovery against ICT-related incidents. Applicable to the full financial sector and supporting third-party firms, DORA harmonizes legislation, ensuring adaptability to ICT disruptions. Paired with NIS 2 (2023), it introduces fines, enforcement, and mandatory security measures. 

Elevate your business with Digital Resilience Operations, securing enhanced cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and uninterrupted operations, providing confidence and peace of mind in a dynamic digital landscape. Embrace DORA for future-proof resilience.

What is DORA?

Discover the essence of the DORA: who is in scope, objectives, timeline and penalties against non-compliance. Elevate your business operations with quick, friendly insights for a resilient future.


Stuart Power | Sales Manager | Coliance

Securing Against External Threats & The 5 pillars of DORA

In the world of heightened data breaches and ransomware attacks this video delves in to the 5 pillars of DORA. Learn how IBM Sterling exceeds all the DORA requirements and addresses Zero Trust mandates with Sterling Data Exchange, Sterling Secure File Transfer and Partner Engagement Manger (PEM) technology.


Yusuf Budeiri | Senior Client Technical Professional | IBM

Best Practices on Driving Financial Regulation

Uncover how Consolo not only implemented but masterfully managed SFTR, ensuring seamless compliance. Discover the unique strategies and personalised solutions that propelled them to success in the intricate world of regulatory requirements, making compliance not just a requirement but a pathway to operational excellence.


Richard Colvill | Managing Partner | Consolo

Managing Your RegTech

Discover the keys to managing your RegTech success. Learn from real-world lessons. Uncover the importance of a proactive tech approach and the consequences of delayed resource allocation. Understanding your tech’s architecture, direction, and effective management. Dive into the critical elements of Requirements, Fit for Purpose, and a strategic RTB/BUA approach.


Shane Bird | Principle | Quercus Technology Group

How Can Ai/ML Ops Help with DORA?

Discover how TurinTech optimise models and code using cutting-edge AI, implementing the latest LAMS for energy-efficient code running. Explore the seamless interaction between AI and DORA’s framework, ensuring the security, reliability, and business continuity of your AI ventures. Uncover the risks people face when diving into AI and how TurinTech’s optimisation software safeguards your code’s efficiency and integrity.

Coliance discuss how organisations should prepare by having mandatory annual internal testing and advanced testing every three years.


Leslie Kanthan PhD | CEO and Founder | TurinTech

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