IBM Connect:Direct

File Transfer systems are increasingly critical for the successful operations of every organisation. 55% of internal and external system integrations accomplished via files.

Unreliable FTP/SFTP based solutions are expensive

Organisations need a secure point-to-point file transfer solution for their critical transfers

Direct point-to-point transfers with high availability minimises potential failure points

File is only stored on source and destination points, nowhere in-between

Only transfer files once, not twice or more with hub and spoke models

Why choose IBM Sterling Connect:Direct?

Provides high-volume, reliable and security-rich enterprise file transfers

Scalable and highly performant

Automated, reliable file transfer

Advanced security features

Hybrid Cloud capabilities and support on multiple platforms

Connect:Direct is the Gold Standard on IBM System Z

Modern web-based UI
Centralised management and end-to-end visibility

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct helps you with

Reliable File Deliver

to help ensure predictable assured delivery of files

Secure File Transfer

to support regulatory compliance measures

High Performance

to handle the most demanding workloads

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