IBM Partner Engagement Manager

There is an increasing need to quickly onboard Supply Chain partners. To remain competitive and reduce time to revenue, your partners must be onboarded quickly, correctly and efficiently. 

By standardising and automating processes, PEM helps to limit costly manual errors and increase efficiency, by enabling partners to maintain their own records.

of organisations exchange important information with 250+ partners customers and suppliers

increase in use of gateways for B2B information exchange with partners of two years 

of respondent enterprises cited a lack of visibility into trading partner relationships as a main concern with the existing B2B integration solution

Partners, customers & suppliers now expect

What if?

IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) is a SaaS-based system that streamlines and optimise business-to-business B2B relationships, impacting revenue growth and profit margin. PEM reduces onboarding time and resources for new partners while improving management of existing ones. By standardising and automating processes, PEM helps to limit costly manual errors and increase efficiency, by enabling partners to maintain their own records.

Why choose IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager?

IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) offers a range of capabilities to streamline the onboarding and management of suppliers and customers, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

What you can achieve with PEM

Centralised Onboarding

With an extensive workflow and role-based control, PEM efficiently manages partner onboarding tasks, including contractual and legal processes, as well as departmental document exchanges. Our RESTful APIs make data loading seamless into IBM B2B Integrator and other REST-capable applications.

Visual Business Process Design

Develop internal and external workflows and processes with ease, providing a clear and customisable framework for your operations.

Trading Partner Self-Service

Our portal empowers both business users and partners to self-onboard and administer communication profile information, without the need for IT involvement. Enjoy centralised monitoring of activity progress across the B2B community.

Campaign and Activity Management

Roll out campaigns and activities to partners or clients with full visibility into their status. Partners can execute activities interactively, and you can manage relationships with customisable notifications and alerts.

Enhanced Visibility

Download data for easy integration into spreadsheets or reporting tools via REST APIs, ensuring clear insights and reporting.

Flexible Deployment

Choose from private, public, or local cloud options, depending on your IT strategy and data security needs. Our modular architecture with RESTful APIs and Docker container support ensures extensibility and portability.

Support for Multiple Endpoints

Manage multiple endpoints for each partner and provide a consolidated view, optimising efficiency and organisation.

Third-Party Processing

Seamlessly maintain relationships with partners using third-party processors and services, expanding your collaboration possibilities.

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