Sterling Secure File Transfer Manager

Sterling Secure File Transfer Manager

Why secure managed file transfer matters? 

average cost of data breach in 2022*

percent of breaches caused by misconfigured cloud servers*

of internal and external system integrations is accomplished via files***

of organisations report their file transfer systems are limited by security concerns***

Sources Cost of Data Breach Report 2022, Ponemon Institute, * IT Business Priorities Survey for IBM, Vanson Bourne,***Supply Chain survey, Vanson Bourne

IBM Secure File Transfer ticks the Zero Trust Boxes

Zero Trust Tenets:

Authentication and authorization

Monitor and measures assets

Access to resources is determined by dynamic policy

All data sources and computing services are considered resources

Access granted on a per-session basis

Collect information to improve its security posture

All communication is secured

IBM Secure File Transfer Can Help:

1. IBM Sterling File Gateway

2. IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

3. IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

4. IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor

5. IBM Sterling Control Center Director

6. IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager

Zero Trust Architecture Components

IBM Sterling File Gateway enables Zero Trust Architecture

Why choose IBM Secure File Transfer?

Authentication & Authorization

Visibility & Governance

Proliferation Avoidance

Proliferation Avoidance

Security-Hardened Transfers

Securely moving data at the speed and scale of your business

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer provides a unified file transfer platform so you can share and track mission-critical information movement within your enterprise and across your trading partner network with peace of mind.

Security-Hardened Transfers

Secure files in transit and at rest to comply with security regulations and protect your business.

Control who has access to your data and where it can be sent.

Proactively mitigate risk through centralised end-to-end visibility and governance and partner management.

Container Edition certified to follow industry best practices securely enables your hybrid cloud journey.

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