November 21, 2022

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3 Steps to help protect your B2B transactions and file exchanges

3 steps to help protect your B2B transactions and file exchanges from security threats Ransomware and cybercrime have grown to crisis-level proportions, with cybercriminals using more robust attack methods every year. The only solution is to improve defensive technologies and bolster IT hygiene. Organisations trying to protect their supply chain


Zero Trust a 2022 Update

Zero Trust Security – Are you fully protected? Zero Trust security is a trending cybersecurity buzzword in the world right now with organisations scrambling to proactively secure their organisations. With EU legislators unifying data protection policies and laws throughout the EU and enforcing GDPR regulations with heavy penalties, it is



E-Invoicing – a new global standard E-Invoicing has rapidly become the norm in many of the world’s major countries, from Asia to Africa and the Americas with most countries in the European Union mandating E-Invoicing for either B2G or B2B supplies. The number of countries who have only mandated B2G


Do You ever take your IT Systems to the doctor?

HELP – My IT system needs to see a doctor! Just like a car needs to undergo an MOT to ensure everything is running efficiently, IT System Health Checks are essential if you want to ensure your IT processes and systems are working to their full potential. You may have

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