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Agora utilises Eliassen's Framework

10 opportunities to improve your partner interactions with Eliassen’s Framework.


Simplified Trading Partner Onboarding – “From Days to Minutes.”

Streamline and expedite the onboarding process for trading partners, reducing time and resource requirements. Benefit from rules-based configuration and pre-built process flows as you configure the treatment for handling the majority of files. 


“End the hassle of digging through multiple systems.” Centralised Visibility and Control

Simplify and consolidate B2B integration administration activities with a user-friendly interface. Acquire end-to-end visibility across transactions, files, and communications, eliminating the need to navigate multiple systems. Spend less time tracking, auditing, and remediating B2B transactions, and enhance your operational efficiency. 


“Easy reporting for business and technical users.” Enhanced Transaction Visibility

Address inquiries from customers, partners, and internal associates regarding transaction statuses more efficiently. Locate transactions quickly with powerful search capabilities and access comprehensive details, reducing the time and effort involved in addressing inquiries. 


Easy Re-Processing and Re-Sending – “Click the do-over button.”

Efficiently address transaction issues with easy re-processing and re-sending capabilities. Rectify errors, re-send orders, and remediate failed transactions promptly, ensuring customer and partner satisfaction and avoiding costly disruptions.


Comprehensive Life-Cycle Tracking – “360° global, transactional and detailed.”

Effortlessly determine the status of related transactions or sets of transactions. Access desired information quickly, with a wide array of business and technical search criteria. Improve operational efficiency and optimise B2B operations’ performance. 


Secure Self-Service Access – “Secure role-based access of B2B transactions.”

Provide secure, role-based access for business users and trusted partners to resolve inquiries and issues independently. Reduce IT burden with a secure self-service portal for non-technical individuals, improving satisfaction and streamlining accounting processes. 


“Off the shelf reporting and analytics.” Personalised, Real-Time Dashboards

Empower stakeholders with highly configurable, individualised dashboards tailored to their unique needs. Executives gain insights with role-based dashboards, making strategic decisions and identifying opportunities. IT management accesses reports for error identification and resource allocation, while business managers and staff view reports specific to their responsibilities, aiding in decision-making and risk mitigation. 


“Identify errors, analyse and reprocess.” Robust Support for Complex Data Processing

The Eliassen Framework offers robust support for high-throughput, complex data processing requirements, including IBM Transformation Extender (ITX). Organisations processing a high volume of messages per second will benefit from enhanced visibility, improved reporting, and rapid reprocessing capabilities, enabling quick problem identification and resolution within the B2B Framework interface, while minimising costly errors.


“Enhanced visibility and control across solutions.” Unified Interface for Multiple Integration Solutions

The Eliassen Framework offers a unified interface to efficiently manage and optimise multiple IBM B2B integration solutions. With its ability to support various solutions, including ITX, ITXA, and B2B Integrator, it allows your company to leverage the best combination of capabilities, simplifying management tasks, and providing enhanced visibility and control across these solutions.


“Out of the box integration between B2B Integrator and SAP.”

For companies utilising B2B Integrator and SAP, the process of exchanging critical data, tracking documents, and resolving errors can be time-consuming and require additional development efforts. With the Eliassen Framework you acquire access to an out-of-the-box B2B processing environment that seamlessly integrates SAP applications with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. This solution supports the exchange of a comprehensive range of SAP IDoc status messages without the need for custom development. By centralising transaction status details, including receipt, translation, enveloping, communication, and functional acknowledgement, in one location, you eliminate the need for searching through and reconciling multiple systems. The dynamic data enrichment capabilities of the framework also help streamline the process by eliminating the need for multiple map sets for various SAP clients, saving time, effort, and reducing the potential for errors.

Coliance’s AGORA utilises Eliassen’s Framework which is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines communication, collaboration, and transactions between businesses. Serving as a centralised hub, it enables organisations to enhance efficiency and optimise operations.

Investing in a Framework is a strategic choice coupled with a proven and mature technology developed over a decade. Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and various industries including Retail, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Financial, Logistics, and Healthcare, it plays a critical role in streamlining operations. With a track record of reliably processing millions of B2B and MFT transactions, it offers scalability and performance.

Coliance’s AGORA comes with dedicated customer support and a research and development team committed to delivering the best experience. By choosing this trusted solution, you invest in operational efficiency and seamless communication with trading partners.

Join industry leaders who have benefited from this powerful framework and discover the difference it can make for your business.

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