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Apache Log4j vulnerability

Announcement: Apache Log4j vulnerability We are continuing to inventory IBM products and systems potentially impacted by the reported Apache Log4j vulnerability. As necessary, we are updating to Log4j version 2.15, which fixes the vulnerability, and applying mitigations in the interim. While our inventory and remediation efforts are underway, we are


Announcement End Support IBM MQ 9.1

Announcement: End of Support for IBM MQ 9.1 Many of the world’s most successful companies rely on MQ IBM MQ offers proven, enterprise-grade messaging capabilities that skillfully and safely move information between applications 85% of the Fortune 100¹ 96 of the top 100 global banks² 7 of the top 10

IBM Sterling

IBM Sterling Connect : Direct version End of Support

IBM Sustainability and Automation Announcements IBM have made the following announcement about end of support dates for the following Sustainability (Sterling) and Automation (Integration). Please check your version as you will be required to upgrade on or before the date started to maintain Product support from IBM. Product lifecycle IBM


Struts Vulnerability Notification

Struts Vulnerability Notification A recent announcement by IBM communicated that a number of our clients may be vulnerable to a security flaw in SFG/B2Bi. This is due to the use of Apache Struts within the product. The main vulnerability seems to be within the HTTP Server adapters therefore, if you

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