Sub Capacity Licenses - Removal of IBM Sterling File Gateway

Organisations who are IBM customers are usually aware they can purchase licenses for a fraction of the full machine capacity. While this reduces costs and increases flexibility, companies should always be careful when they take advantage of sub-capacity licensing rules because there are specific steps to qualify. Failure to understand the requirements for sub-capacity licenses can be dire if you undergo an IBM software audit. In this article, we address clients who are entitled to the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator product and do not have entitlements for IBM Sterling File Gateway.

Removal of IBM Sterling File Gateway SFG references when reporting IBM B2Bi licenses using IBM License Management Tool (ILMT)

When the IBM Installation Manager is used to deploy IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, you can select the features/components to be deployed by selecting them within the IBM Installation Manager. This is the referenced in the following IBM Sterling B2B Integrator documentation click here 

IBM Sterling File Gateway and IBM Sterling B2B Integrator share the same binaries and the Install process deploys the ILMT software identifications tags for both, even when IBM Sterling File Gateway feature/component is not selected within the IBM Installation Manager.

When you select the set of components/features to be installed within the IBM Installation Manager, the install process deploys the related license files of the selected components within the related directory install path. The directory path where license files are located, how to see license files in the UI and how to add components after initial install is documented is found in the following IBM Sterling B2B Integrator product documentation. Important information is also provided for adding and removing components: click here

You can find further documentation referencing the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and how to modify licenses after an initial install process using IBM Installation Manager in this handy link: click to view

It is also important to remember when adding a component/feature after an install process performed via the IBM Installation Manager that you need to modify the file. The property that enables the use of IBM Sterling File Gateway is license.accept.enable.sfg. If this property is set to false, the related product features will not be available for use. Unless the IBM Sterling File Gateway reported instances of ILMT are not related to the IBM Sterling B2B integrator product deployments, they can be excluded from the ILMT reported instances. In the Exclusion comment that ILMT requires, the referenced information about license.accept.enable.sfg value being set to false within the file must be referenced to prove not in use deployment.

A high percentage of IBM customers who tried to reap the benefits of sub-capacity licensing encounter problems when they don’t complete all the requirements. Coliance offers a managed ILMT reporting service to customers who are required to report on their sub capacity license usage and can help you avoid unplanned licensing costs at full capacity.

To find out about this service and/or how to install IBM solutions correctly, contact us.

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