This month, Coliance is celebrating their 20th anniversary since formation.

Coliance’s main purpose from the outset was to bring together a wealth of expertise to solve File Transfer and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) problems for our supply chain and finance clients, particularly in the IBM Sterling brand.

Since then, we have advanced to a place where our customers now rely on us to resolve a multitude of integration problems from Managed File Transfer to EDI or API based issues.

“In our 20-year history, we have designed and developed a number of services and solutions that make our customer’s lives easier and more profitable”

In line with our ongoing achievements and our vision to keep improving the services we provide to our customers; we have introduced this quarterly newsletter which will show case a mixture of:

  • Relevant and updated business topics that are of special interest in this Industry
  • Questions and Answers to technical questions around API Management, Managed File Transfer and EDI
  • Thought provoking opinion pieces that discuss the world of integration and the direction that supply chain is heading in the future.

Firstly let’s reflect on the achievements that we are most proud of this quarter:

  • Our Managed File Transfer and EDI Service “Agora” has successfully solved our customer’s requirements to offer easy onboarding for smaller partners who had limited IT skills. Coliance’s customisable Web Portal handled their constraints effortlessly, taking the stress of onboarding away and introducing a user-friendly system that makes life easier for all parties.
  • Our small business services matched our client’s business needs with our assistance in handling PDF’s and the conversion of Excel files into machine readable data. Coliance was on hand to solve their business data needs and help them to drive long term success.
  • Of special recognition this quarter was our success in moving our customer’s on-premises SAP© ERP to Hana©. Coliance’s proven methodology and set of scripts that eased the onboarding of IBM B2Bi to Hana© was ground-breaking. We are thrilled that we were able to bring our client’s businesses into the digital future with better integrated business processes.
  • Lastly, we are excited to reveal our exciting new development which ensures our customer’s end-to-end visibility of transactions thus improving their customer services and easing all trouble shooting. Coliance exceeded their expectations with the introduction of our new solution “Opsis” (which we hope you will read more about later in this newsletter.)

“Coliance continues to solve our clients’ challenges with innovative design, ongoing improvement and practical solutions that cater to all their needs”.

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