The Business Value of IBM Sterling B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer Solutions

IBM recently commissioned a White paper by IDC that highlights the challenges organisations face in their B2B document management and exchange processes. Inefficient, error-prone manual processing and transmission of documents and data generally pose a significant challenge to many clients, given the complex digital business environments in which they operate.  

In the study IDC outlines how you can modernise your File Transfer and EDI solutions by making them cloud ready and/or containerising the solutions to drive cost and sustainability initiatives.  In addition, they examine how modern integration methods such as the use of API’s can be applied to traditional solutions and, most importantly, how you can ensure a secure, robust solution for your managed file transfers and EDI transactions to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Some of the key statistics to come out of the report were as follows:

By implementing IBM B2Bi customers who were using the solution:

  1. Generated higher revenues through improved customer service, addressing new business opportunities, and bringing forward recognition of revenue.
    – Business Value Highlights 291% – three-year ROI
  2. Fewer unplanned outages and thus cost reduction by limiting productivity and revenue losses associated with Business to Business-related downtime.
    – 99% less unplanned downtime
  3. Efficiency improvements for partner and customer document management by automating processes, reducing the number of file transfer tools, reducing the frequency and impact of errors, and increasing trading capacity.
    – 80% fewer document transaction errors
  4. Allowing efficient management of B2B platforms through consolidation, improved performance, and increased functionality.
    – 45% faster to onboard new partners
  5. Increasing productivity for line-of-business (LOB) users by providing self-service capabilities and improving workflows for LOB teams that rely on B2B documentation and data.
    – 61% faster delivery of documents and desktops
Together with IBM, Coliance has 20 years’ experience of implementing file transfer and EDI solutions to the distribution, logistic and food supply industries. Working with major organisations such as Brother, Bunzl, DP World and Woodmansterne, we have a proven history of providing high performing and secure solutions that offer:
  • Strength in security and standardization.
  • Flexibility to manage different customer formats and integration requirements.
  • Reliable, repeatable exchanging of documents and other communications with partners, customers, and other third parties.
  • Seamless and robust integration.
  • Ability to scale to manage and secure growing document transfer volumes.
  • Minimizing IT staff time required to manage and support B2B operations.
  • Line-of-business productivity gains by reducing friction for LOB employees in accessing B2B documentation and providing improved visibility and seamless transmission of B2B documentation.
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