Incorporating Sustainable Technology Practices

The key factors for increasing a business’s profitability are always centred around cost reduction, increased productivity, maximizing turnover and enhancing efficiency, but sometimes planning and managing changes to achieve these key factors can be daunting. We recently sat with Marcus Langford, Managing Director of Coliance, to hear his insights into sustaining profitability and business longevity in uncertain times. Marcus has over 30 years’ experience in the IT Industry across the sectors of Finance Government and Distribution. He strongly appreciates the unique and shared challenges that each sector faces and shared his top ten ideas on how to incorporate sustainable, technology practices that boost efficiency, growth, and future success.

            1. Join the automation technology revolution

            Without proper business automation, it is difficult to simplify and optimize workflows. Most organisations waste valuable time on complex problems that can be simplified. Companies that still use manual data entry fax and emails in their organisation often cause small trading partners to drown in manual administration. Business automation that takes the manual labour out of day-to-day business processes is highly beneficial in simplifying and optimizing your workflow.

            Coliance can automate 100% of your trade partner interactions with our small business trading partner services to help your organisation benefit from the elimination of repetitive manual efforts.

            2. Rely on the advice of experts

            Whilst the idea of using internal resources to plan and implement important changes in your organisation may be your first option, it’s important to consider that most in-house IT managers or engineers are generalist and not specialist. Asking them to implement a new system that they are not experienced in launching could end up costing you more in the long run. An external specialist IT support organisation is adept at avoiding common mistakes encountered by most companies, as they seamlessly implement improvements. Read how Woodmansterne, one of the leading providers of greeting cards in the United Kingdom, turned to Coliance to help them in their expansion ambitions.

            Since 2002, Coliance’s experience and software assets have been accelerating their clients’ projects, ensuring consistent and successful project delivery.

            3. Better functioning technology alleviates stress

            A US Mental Health organisation estimated that large organisations lose up to $500 billion dollars annually due to stress prompting factors that resulted in employee absenteeism and the loss of productivity. Innovation and growth for any organisation begins with your staff and building a work environment that is supportive can help your employees handle their stress and improve their performance. A recent technology study undertaken in consumer neuroscience found that people using inefficient technology resulted in a doubling of their stress levels. Their findings concluded that work output increases as much as 37 percent when effective technology is used. It’s time to address the shortfalls in your organisation and level up with Coliance’s help.

            Coliance can help you eliminate workplace stressors by delivering seamless customer and partner experiences with trusted management solutions.

                      4. Automation doesn’t destroy jobs, it transforms them

                      Many view the impact of technology on the labour market as either one of job creation or destruction, with many believing the latter to be true. With the World Economic Forum estimating that by 2025, technology will create 12 million more jobs than it destroys, it is a sign that in the long run automation will be positive for society. Organisations that realise the value of being an intelligent organisation

                      have quickly learned how they can benefit from using the massive amount of data that is available to them. They easily convert their data into game changing strategies with new product lines, and more efficient ways of operating. Artificial Intelligence is here, it is real, but it will not be the reason why people lose their jobs. In retrospect, job losses will follow when companies refuse to adapt, losing overall productivity and efficiency with an increase in errors.

                      Coliance can help apply AI to your integration to create intelligent solutions for your business.

                                5. Embrace Trial and Error

                                With the uncertainty of the last few years still lingering, many organisations prefer to sit in their comfort zone, not recognising they are paralysed. Failing to invest, failing to innovate, and failing to consider alternatives that may be beneficial. While it’s important to monitor your main product lines, it is equally prudent to regularly seek diversification in your business. If you are going to meaningfully innovate your company, you must overcome the notion of risk as a hard coded fear.

                                Coliance can alleviate your fears and help you implement workplace automation that will help your business run its end-to-end processes more efficiently.

                                          6. Start Simple – eradicate complexity

                                          Many organisations feel undue pressure to strive toward innovation. When money is tight however and risk is unfeasible, making small simple changes rather than huge innovative upheavals can be exactly what your organisation needs. Coliance recently solved a simple problem for our client Brother who were experiencing an issue with their electronic data interchange. Most times, companies are acutely aware of their problem, but they lack the knowledge of what automation applications are available to assist them. This inability to specify and commission the right solution for their company leaves them blind to the significant advantages just one small change can make. Many clients who approach Coliance for assistance are happy to learn they do not need to reinvent the wheel. There is often a small customisation required that we can tailor for your specific circumstances.

                                          Coliance can help you maximize your investments by being able to integrate both your legacy and modern applications without worrying about architectures.

                                                    7. Criticism in leadership

                                                    Criticism is a natural part of any leadership role, but many leaders waste time satisfying the agendas of others, often losing focus on the objectives for their organisation and staff. To innovate and grow your organisation, you will often have to deal with criticism or even well-intended but misleading attempts at intervention. Good leaders listen to criticism and ideas without impulsive reactions, practicing patience as they turn suggestions or criticism into learning opportunities where they review new ideas with an open mind. It is important to stay focussed on what is critical, diffusing noise that detracts away from the issues at hand as you weigh everything in context and come to the right decision for your company.

                                                    Coliance can work with you to develop a strategy and optimal approach to successfully meet your business goals & objectives.

                                                              8. Building resilience

                                                              Necessity is the mother of invention, and innovation is the art of thinking of the unthinkable. This has never been more prudent, specifically in supply chain industries, after the recent pandemic and war in the Ukraine. Most organisations scrambled to source a larger portion of their supply locally whilst balancing cost effectiveness. Resilience for survival of the chain became an urgent necessity and innovative techniques to better understand supply chains was the only path to true resilience. Business resiliency involves financial as well as operational and strategic elements, with leaders called to assess what needs to change and how to accomplish it.

                                                              Coliance can provide key insights to help you deal with delivery delays and material shortages using connectivity and automation to bring new efficiencies and full-scale agility to your supply chain.

                                                                        9. Competitive Differentiation

                                                                        Set your product, service, or brand apart from your competitors by using the strategic positioning tactic of competitive differentiation. Staying competitive is not always about price adjustment but offering more diversity and superiority in your service offerings. It’s important for leaders to monitor their market and adjust their differentiators by showing the unique value of their organisation’s offerings. Coliance has worked hard to create a value proposition for our organisation that is based on our distinctive capabilities and the usability of our products.

                                                                        At Coliance every client is treated as unique – every solution tailor made – as we work together to find an automation solution that is perfect for your company.

                                                                                  10. Never give up

                                                                                  Business Longevity is a gift in today’s world, with company longevity trending negatively in recent years. Lack of sufficient technology seems to be the driving force of disruption that causes companies to lose their agility as they fail to meet new and pressing customer demands. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this trend with more companies relying on digitally enabled services to stay ahead of their game. Organisations who embrace the value of technological innovation and modernisation in their business are seeing the value in a world of constant disruption.

                                                                                  Coliance can help you stay ahead in the increasingly challenging and competitive business landscape by helping you transform and visualize your data.

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